About Us

What's Our Story

A Bit of Background

Outdoor Workz has two owners; Barrie Smith and Sarah Findlay-Hamilton. We both work full time in the business. We’re here if you need us and we’re easy to get hold of. If a decision needs to be made, we can make it on the spot. If you need something urgently, we can make a plan. Our offices are situated within our factory. We know exactly what is going on with production and which customers need our attention. Our reception and production staff have all been with us for many years, so we know each other well. Outdoor Workz originally made flags and banners and progressed to wooden parasols and outdoor cushions back in the 1990’s. Barrie and Sarah bought the company in 2003 and almost immediately added aluminium parasols to the range. The Ultimate Outdoor Cushion was introduced in 2011.

Now, let’s talk about customer service. Every website we read has some kind of reference to being ‘passionate about customer service’. We’re not going to go on about how wonderful we are at this. You will need to try us and see for yourself. Just know that we cannot stand bad service when we are the customers. If you also feel that way, then we are on the same page.

Our Vision

We are outdoor product manufacturers and suppliers who are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations by offering innovative shade and comfort solutions, of the highest quality, that genuinely make outdoor living a pleasure.

Life Outdoors, Made Better.


Our Mission

Life Outdoors, Made Better

Outdoor Workz is a team of committed, positive and professional individuals who strive for customer satisfaction. We are proud and it shows. We align ourselves with other like-minded business to offer a wide range of solutions to outdoor shade and comfort. Our products are world-class and deliver value for money and lasting quality. We are delighted to be growing and providing even more employment opportunities, as we grow.


Our Five

Proudest Qualities

Substance All that we do is characterised by professional delivery, courageous innovation and a fierce commitment to the highest standards of quality that contribute to the outstanding service our customers love.

Resilience Short-cut, short-term or short-changed are not in our vocabulary. We have the experience and track record to outshine our competitors repeatedly.

Fun Life is a journey to be enjoyed, appreciated and lived well. We create an environment that is upbeat, can-do and we always value a sense of humour.

Integrity Being a person of their word matters. We continually under promise and over deliver. We want to be the sort of example that others want to emulate and follow.

Gratitude We have managed to thrive in the most difficult economic circumstances through honest hard work. We are so grateful that our customers and suppliers believe in us and continue to benefit from our success.